Shipping - 1.25 lb

Shipping - 1.25 lb

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Shipping packages via 'Regular Mail'  and by weight.

  • Delivery: 10 Business Days*
  • Insurance: Not Included
  • Calculated: Actual Weight Only
  • Size Limits: L+W+H = 36"
  • Customs Fee Paid by customer
  • Tracking: Partial Tracking
  • Delivery: To the local post office

Shipping packages via 'Priority Mail' and by weight:

  • Delivery: 6-10 Business Days*
  • Insurance: Up to $100
  • Calculated: Actual Weight Only
  • Size Limits: L+2xW+2xH = 79"
  • Customs Fee Paid by customer
  • Tracking: Scanned at every key milestone
  • Delivery: To the local post office

Shipping packages via 'Home Delivery' and by weight:

  • Delivery: 4 Business Days*
  • Insurance: $12 per pound
  • Weight: No Limits
  • Calculated: The higher between actual weight and dimensional weight
  • Size Limits: No Limits
  • Customs Fee Paid by customer + $15 FEE can be paid upfront
  • Tracking: Scanned at every key milestne
  • Delivery: Home Delivery

*Delivery days are not guaranteed due to the local post office system and custom fee that might delay transit. 

Before choosing our Home Delivery service, please check with us to be sure dimensional weight is not higher than the actual weight.